Krystle Daniels – Office Staff

As a youth Krystle knew horses were going to be a big part of her future. She was raised knowing if there was something she wanted in life she would have to work hard and earn it herself. Her passion and hard work ethic began to pay off at the age of 12 when she was able to purchase her first horse. There was nothing more rewarding to her at this time then to be able to financially support and care for her own horse. She continued to thrive and cultivate her equine career path leading to a passion to teach and educate others. In 2000 she obtained her MA instructors licenses and has developed a riding program that is fun and safe for all levels and disciplines. Krystle joined our office staff here at Essex Equine in March of 2013. When she’s not working at Essex Equine you will find her teaching or training at her Dark Horse Equine business location in Grafton MA.

Krystle Daniels

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