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Wellness Exams

Our doctors can provide yearly wellness exams to check on the overall health of your horse. This can include a complete physical exam, routine blood work, and fecal analysis. Additional procedures that can be included are a dental exam, ophthalmic exam, gait analysis/soundness exam, and nutritional consult. Taking this preventative approach to your horse’s health can allow us to identify and treat health issues sooner, and to design a deworming and supplementation program unique to your horse.


We recommend all horses receive Rabies, EEE/WEE/Tetanus and West Nile vaccines annually.  We also offer Flu/Rhino, Strangles, Potomac Horse fever, Botulism, and Lepto vaccines depending on risk factors for the horse.  See the FAQ section for more information.

Soundness Exams and Lameness Therapies

We have many options available for sports medicine treatments, including:

Joint Injections 





Tilren/Osphos – Tildren and Osphos are bisphosponates, which are a class of drug that works by reducing bone resorption. They are used to treat navicular disease, as well as other conditions in which bone resorption may be occurring such as kissing spines and hock arthritis. Tildren is given intravenously and Osphos is given intramuscularly. When given systemically, both drugs can target multiple areas of bone turnover at once. Tildren can also be given by regional limb perfusion to target one specific area of interest. The effects usually last up to 6 months.

Stem Cells

RLT Laser Therapy  – visit RLT Laser Therapy for more information

Digital Radiography and Ultrasound

All of our veterinarians carry a digital radiograph machine and an ultrasound in their trucks.  We have a variety of systems, some battery operated and some that require a power source.  All of our images are backed up on a cloud system, and are available to be sent via email.

Blood work/Lab work

We have a few tests available in house for emergency situations, and any other testing we can send out to our referral laboratories.


We provide 24 hour emergency services to our current clients.  During non-office hours, call the office number and listen for the prompt to be connected to the veterinarian on call.

Farrier Consultations

Our veterinarians are happy to work with your farrier to assist in any necessary shoeing adjustments.  If it is required for the vet and the farrier to see the horse at the same time, we recommend scheduling a first call of the day appointment to ensure that the schedule works for both professionals.


We provide a full array of reproductive services targeted towards the mare.  Reproductive evaluations can include ultrasound, uterine culture, biopsy, or cytology.  We offer breeding mares with fresh or frozen semen as well as embryo recovery for embryo transfer.  If breeding with frozen semen or for embryo recovery we strongly encourage that mares are brought to the clinic at Essex Equine for better monitoring and success.  We do not provide services to stallions at this time (collection or semen evaluations).

Spinal Manipulation

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Acupuncture is a traditional Chinese medicine or alternative medicine.  Small thin needles are used to stimulate acupuncture points which elicit a physiological response from the body.  Acupuncture is used in our practice to augment or compliment conventional therapy.  Primarily it is used for treating pain related to muscle, joint, or nerve problems.  However, it also has benefits for general health and well-being of the GI, respiratory, and immune systems.


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Pre-Purchase Exams

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